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Water-cooled high-end workstations for graphic designers, editors and CAD/CAE professionals

Visualizations, simulations and designs at breath-taking speed.

Looking for the necessary performance boost? With the Joule Performance high-end systems, long waiting times for rendering are a thing of the past. Whether 3D drawings, film products or other computer-intensive applications - work has never been more productive.

Discover a completely new way of working. Create drawings and blueprints in 3D while you're in the middle of the action with Virtual Reality. Gain a new perspective and set off to new heights.


1Processor - High Performance
Every single processor is tested for its performance and only the best will make it into the Joule performance systems.

You can therefore be assured that your workstation is equipped with one of the fastest Intel CPUs. Exactly the performance upgrade you need for smooth workflows and CPU-intensive processes

Mit DDR4-Unterstützung und Intel® Turbo-Boost-Technik 2.0. erzeugst du zusätzliche Leistungsschübe in puncto Multitasking.

Leistungsgrenzen erweitern

Dank des freien Multiplikators ist die CPU einfach übertaktbar und die Grenzen des Möglichen lassen sich komplett ausreizen.
2SSD - unbeatable speeds
Fast system and program starts are guaranteed! In your Joule Performance System you'll find only the best components, including a super fast SSD.

Due to its high bandwidth, the SSD is ideally suited for professional content creation and is unparalleled in its ability to deliver powerful design, 3D design and entertainment performance.
3Hard Disk - Reliable storage en masse
Films, photos and content in best resolution take their toll:
The memory becomes scarce quickly. Choose up to 6TB of storage with only one hard drive and you'll never run out of space. Tested. Proven. Reliable.
4RAM - In the fast lane
You want the best conditions for all your work? You get it, and you also get it in amazing style. Decide for yourself how much RAM is enough for you and we will overclock.
5Graphics cards - Brilliant resolution
What should it be? One, two or three graphics cards.

Equipped with ground-breaking graphics, Joule performance systems offer you the ideal solution for maximum performance and short waiting times.

Whether for virtual reality, real-time rendering, video editing, or ultra-fluid entertainment, GeForce's latest generation of GPUs offer superior technologies and powerful overclocking features.


1State-of-the-art technology for your everyday working life
ASUS STRIX-GTX1070-O8G-GAMING GrafikkarteEach Joule Performance System is unique, but they all have one thing in common: Relentlessly overclocked components, handcrafted assembly and water cooling that eclipses everything else.

Before the components enter the housing, they are overclocked by an overclocking specialist, making them one of the fastest in the world.
23D Mark Profil
The performance of our systems was recorded and measured on 3DMark. Compared to its competitors,

Joule Performance scores well and positions itself at the top of all systems tested in the ranking.

 Ranking von Craft 3


 Wasserkühlungssystem von Craft 3

Uncompromising performance

A noisy computer while you have to focus? An absolute no-go! The handmade water-cooling systems allow maximum performance, while you will not notice any of it acoustically. Only the strongest and most reliable materials are used, so that you can work in peace and quiet with consistent performance.

Extra cool & silent

In order to cool the workstation as much as possible, the graphic cards are included in the cooling circuit as well as the CPU. The heat dissipation is controlled by 360 mm radiators and high performance fans.

The cycle

From the water cooling tank, the water is first cooled in the first radiator before it flows to the matrix GPU acrylic water blocks. If the graphics card has been cooled, the heat is dissipated in the second radiator via the fine copper fins and the cooled water flows towards the processor water block. The CPU is cooled down and thus remains within the appropriate temperature range.

Spoilt for choice? We help you.

You can't decide which system suits you and your work best? You have found a system, but still want to make adjustments?

No problem, we are there to help you. Contact us by phone or use the contact form.

AutoCAD, Inventor, ArchiCAD, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Adobe Creative Suite or Cinema 4D - What is your program?

Together we will find the right Joule Performance System for your working environment.