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Joule Performance Support

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for long-term gaming pleasure

An overview of our warranty period, service offers and information on our worry-free package.


Whoever bets on Joule Performance will get many years of great performance and unrivalled support. Our service is subject to a classification model and is orientated towards the respective system. The systems are divided into the categories: Craft 1, Craft 2 and Craft 3.

Joule Performance offers three support options*:

Pickup & Return

If there’s any suspicion of defective hardware, we’ll send out a logistics company to collect the system. Our technical experts will carry out an in-house repair within 48 hours which will result in a fault diagnosis (excluding delivery time).

Premium NBD (Next Business Day)

If you are suffering from hardware issues, our customers can benefit from personal telephone support and speedy support. We will have a technical expert on site the very next working day to rectify the issue. The following day on-site service encompasses the costs for repair, replacement parts and the personnel. The advantage? Very fast response times and on-site repairs, greater convenience and less downtime.

RMM (Remote Monitoring Management)

This remote maintenance concept is characterised by its great efficiency and flexibility and maintains the value of the system as much as possible. The PC is constantly monitored as part of the RMM support package. In the event of parameters being deviated from and system failures, our crew will be informed immediately via an alarm signal and respond in advance.

*The service options are valid for the whole of Switzerland.

Joule Performance Service & Support

Tel.: +41 (0)41 785 12 13


Joule Performance delivers performance with a guarantee. The warranties vary depending on the system (Craft 1, Craft 2, Craft 3) and comprise the warranty period and the Standard Support Option. The standard option can be extended to include additional service features as desired.

All systems enjoy a 3-year warranty period. Generous extension packages of up to 5 years are possible.

Joule Services Craft1 Craft2 Craft3
3 Years Pickup & Return Standard Standard
4 Years Pickup & Return Optional Optional
5 Years Pickup & Return Optional Optional
3 Years Premium NBD Standard Optional Optional
4 Years Premium NBD Optional Optional Optional
5 Jahre Premium NBD Optional Optional Optional
1 Year RMM (Remote Monitoring Management) Standard Optional Optional