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High End Gaming & Overclocking perfected.

Every system is handcrafted and unique!

Anonymous mass production! No thanks. In these times of rigid batch production, the lack of quality and flexibility is accepted without a fight. Choosing the perfect PC has never been so difficult. In order to take into account individual requirements when it comes to choosing a PC, a team of gaming enthusiasts decided to strike out on their own and committed to constructing individualised, quality PCs.

By utilising premium quality components, extensive quality control checks and offering a worry-free technical support package, Joule Performance sets the bar extremely high.

The high-quality materials, the acrylic water blocks and the meticulous fine tuning process give the PCs an extraordinary design. Thanks to industry-leading technologies coupled with the best components available, you can push the envelope with record speeds and brilliant graphics performance.

An intelligent concept for CPU and GPU cooling, based on high-end water-cooling, and our spiral and linear shaped cooling network, developed in-house, creates unique highlights in all of our systems without exception.

In order to break the mould of what’s available for mass consumption to the public today, each system is handcrafted and configured to your exact specifications.”

Assembled using powerful components

  • Technology for virtual reality
  • Games and videos in UHD resolution
  • The most powerful processors
  • Next-generation SSD technology
  • The latest RAM standard