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Overclocker meets Gamer

Concentrated gaming know-how united.

The path from the mainstream to being truly original. Ultimate, resolute, powerful and absolutely unique. The mission? To offer inveterate gamers an experience unlike any other.

With this goal in mind, the system developers at Joule Performance set out to combine concentrated gaming performance and unbeatable high-quality and unconventional design.

Behind the scenes at Joule Performance is a team full of individuals linked by a shared passion: The manufacturing of high-end gaming PCs coupled with the instinct for potent aesthetics, sporty dynamics and a unique character.

The most important players in Team Joule

Philipp Marketing expert at Joule Performance

Marketing expert with technical vision

The gaming sector survives on visions of the future and lofty aspirations. He who stands still, loses. It sets the yardstick very high for appreciable gaming PCs and is motivation enough to constantly stay on top of the latest technological innovations. I’ve been building my own PCs for over 15 years and have been active in the fast-moving world of IT for 10 years. I play and test and the latest games in my spare time.

  • Der Stratege97%
  • Customer Support82%

Hiva Overclock Expert at Joule Performance

Passionate Overclocker

Records are there to be broken. As a hardware engineer and multi award-winning overclocker since 2003, I quickly fell victim to my passion – custom PC building in the high-end sector. After more than three years among the top 3 in the world overclocking rankings, I’m now always on the ball with one eye on the future.

  • Performance Guru96%
  • Technikfreak90%

Marcel Sales expert at Joule Performance

Tester for pleasure and sales expert

+41 (0)41 785 12 13

Experiencing fascinating virtual worlds and competing against other enthusiasts around the world – gaming has delighted me since I first got into the IT sector in 1994 and has long since been a hobby. That’s why I don’t give commonplace advice. Instead of the quick sale, I take my time with every customer and support them even when the solutions aren’t conventional.

  • Customer support99%
  • Marktspezialist89%

Max IT System Engineer at Joule Performance

IT- System Engineer who pays attention to detail

The world of PCs has fascinated me since I was a child and became my calling after I had completed my technical training. With the enormous influx of online gamers, building custom gaming PCs very quickly became a passion. Attention to detail is of key importance for me; I’m always looking for a challenge and am constantly seeking to expand my skillset in the dynamic world of IT.

  • Technik Freak92%
  • Detailtreue95%