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Joule Performance high-end PCs

Extreme gaming with water-cooling and multi-GPU help our Craft PC range stand out.

Faster, more attractive, further. Joule Performance PCs stretch the technical components to their very limits and offer hard-core gamers an experience unlike any other.

We’re making these advances obvious. Joule Performance is creating a new era in gaming with its Craft PC range. The systems are characterised by innovative graphics power and perfectly balanced water-cooling systems. The combination of exclusive technologies and the best gaming components give the systems inimitable power.

Craft PC Serie

Insights into our workshop

Insights into our workshop

Joule Performance swiss crafted gaming...
  • Joule Performance is synonymous with perfection in high-end gaming and overclocking. In order to break the mould of what’s available for mass consumption to the public today, each system is handcrafted in Switzerland and configured to your exact specifications.
    Joule Performance
  • Craft 1 achieved 19th Place on 3DMark, the world’s most popular gaming benchmark!
    Joule Performance
  • Those who bet on Joule Performance will receive long-term excellent performance and unsurpassed support. Our service is subject to a classification model and is orientated towards the respective system.
    Joule Performance
  • Craft PCs win you over with technical refinements. The water-cooling system is strictly segregated from the hardware in our PC systems. A watertight coolant network is made possible by meticulous leak testing and high-quality fittings to guarantee unobstructed gaming power.
    Joule Performance
  • The high-quality materials, the acrylic water blocks and the meticulous fine tuning combine to create the PCs’ extraordinary design. Thanks to industry-leading technologies coupled with the best components available, you can push the envelope with record speeds and brilliant graphics performance.
    Joule Performance

» Craft1 breaks records

It is the only gaming PC available to buy direct from a retailer that appears in the top 20 of 3DMark rankings.

by Futuremark Benchmarks and Performance Tests

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  • Presse & News

    Follow the current posts concerning all things Joule Performance.
  • Joule Performance Flagshop

    Craft 1 exhibited in digitec-Showroom Zurich and can be tested. All questions about the PC will be answered on the spot..

    Showpoint  Joule Performance
    Adresse: Pfingstweidstrasse 60B, 8005 Zürich
  • NVIDIA GTX 1080 Graphics Card

    Joule Performance integrates the latest technology into its PCs. We’ll be installing the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 in our next release.



hours manufacturing process
Joule Performance PC Craft 1

Luxury gaming PCs to Swiss quality standards

  • Custom made Water Cooling
  • Top Komponents
  • Change requests anytime possible
  • Overclocking on demand
  • Design and tested by Hiva Pouri (Overclock World Champion)


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